“It all sets a sophisticated tone that is reflected in the menu. This is authentic Thai – often blazingly hot. Most dishes can be ordered at four levels of heat. Nothing ordered for this review exceeded level two, and some of it still brought tears to the eyes – but wonderful tears.” - Dallas Morning News


Dallas Morning News

I love going to Noodle Wave for my favorite Thai Food for the food there is so delicious, the price is right & fair, the atomosphere is great for lovers or for someone who would wants to enjoy a great dinner. The waiters are extremely friendly, caring and nice. The Pad Kea Moa is my wife’s favorite. Their Pad Thai is the best by for I ever had. I tried it at many other Thai’s restaurants and there is no place like Noodle Wave. Their Tom Kha Soup, Garlic Chicken, and Thai Spicy Basil are also good. Don’t forget to try their Tempura Water Spanish appetizer. It?s very different and amazingly GOOOOOOD!!!!! Noodle Wave is definitely worth going to....you will not regret it!!

Delicious Food, Great Hospitality & Atmosphere


My friends and I had a great time there last Friday. Thank god we make the reservatiaon first, or we have to wait in line. The food is beyond my expectation. The Pad Thai is the best I ever had.The Green Curry is exactly medium spicy like the way I want. Don´st forget to try their dessert , Banana Pastry Delight served with two scoop of ice cream, very unique and delicious. The waiters is extremely friendly, caring and nice. Their hospitality and the delicious food is what make me keep going back to Noodle Wave.


Best Food and Service


Very good food, great prices and comfortable decor. I’ll go back soon.



Pad Thai is my favorite. At Noodle Wave, they do it just right. It’s one of the best Pad Thai on my list. In cold weather, don’t forget to try Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s perfect in a cold day. Don’t forget to try Mango Sorbet Ice-cream. It’s incredible

Love Pad Thai, Chicken Noodle Soup


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